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Sanding paper is a crucial tool for giving wooden or other surfaces a smooth finish. Widely used for metal, fiberglass, wood, plastics etc.

Aluminum OxideX-Cotton & PolyesterP24-P600RollGenerally used for metal, wood, plastic, etc
Special Aluminum Oxide-2Special Aluminum OxideX-Cotton & PolyesterP36-P400RollEspecially apply to 72 pc flap disc, sharper, lighter, biggerspark, more than 25%longer life thanX A 312
Black Silicon Carbide-3Black Silicon CarbideX-PolyesterP16-P400RollEspecially apply to wide belt for set square, multilayer board, wooden form, etc
Zirconium-4ZirconiumY-PolyesterP24-P120RollApply to mild steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloy, nichrome, sprue, chamfer, wipe off burr and welding line, excellent performance for golf clubs and welding line of radiator
Black Silicon Carbide-5Black Silicon CarbideX-PolyesterP16-P400RollEspecially apply to wide belt for flake board, also can be used for glass, ceramic, marble, etc.
Zirconium-6ZirconiumGermanyfiberP24-P120Fiber DiscApply to stainless steel, hardalloy and carbon steel
Aluminum Oxide-7Aluminum OxideChina fiberP16-P120Fiber DiscApply to steel, nonferrous  metal, wood

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